Our Pilates Sestina

Discovering how to move from my center.
To guide my body and mind, I concentrate.
Sustaining the movement, I gain more control.
My body feels the importance of precision.
I discover my center by returning to my breath.
At Pilates Sestina, I begin my movement flow.
Controlled movements are necessary for flow.
With each movement I find length and my center.
Inhale. Exhale. An internal cleanse through breath.
An optimal dynamic that requires concentration.
A clear structure, the form is precise.
Breath invigorates the system and strengthens my control.
My spirit is elevated, and my body moves with control.
Heart pumping, blood flowing.
My mind is invigorated, moving through each set with precision.
My body, mind and spirit coordinate and find center.
Breath flows, blood flows, thoughts flow with concentration.
A flowing dance of movement, led by breath.
Exercises are done with the rhythm of my breath.
The center of my body, mind and spirit channels control.
I recognizing my powerhouse through concentration.
My delighted body creates this flow.
Willing arms and legs to move from my center.
Focusing on each movement with precision.
Quality instead of quantity to maintain precision.
Movement inspired by the flow of my breath.
Powerhouse, core, corset, middle, center.
Within each movement, a growing sense of control.
Breath flows. Blood flows. Movements flow. Thoughts flow.
All required concentration.
Breath awakens through concentration.
Thoughtful movements lead to precision.
It is a meditative flow.
Required to sustain life - breath.
Supplying natural grace with practiced control.
Returning to life. Heart at my center.
Practice centering with focus on precision.
Concentration coordinated with the breath.
Control of body and experience a magnificent flow.
Light edits to original wording, written by Kylee Bonne.


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